Discount cards

In collaboration with a lot of companies, we offer you special prices on a large selection of products and services of the Costa del Sol.

You can now be a part of the few privileged people who can afford to pay less than the other to get out and have fun. Thanks to Guía Direct, you will be considered as a very special client in a lot of places selected by us between Málaga and Marbella, and will benefit from the exclusive discounted prices reserved to the “Specials” and “Premium” cards holders.

Choose now the card that suits you best and save a huge amount of money on your holidays.

Why are companies offering discounts?

The companies that are collaborating do not just want to increase the number of their clients, but also wish to maintain the quality of their clientele. In Guía Direct, we provide them a massive marketing at a national and international level, and those actions target a high/medium-high client level. In return they offer special prices to the clients that we’ve selected for them.

Why using a discount card?

Whatever your tastes or needs are, everybody is looking for the same thing: quality and good price; unfortunately it’s not always easy to find. In Guía Direct we have listed a large variety of companies to satisfy the demand of the vast majority of our readers. With the Guía Direct discount cards, you can access to the best services by paying a reasonable price. The cards will be distributed by hotels on the Costa del Sol, national and international tour-operators and travel agencies, or can be ordered on line. 

The very attractive price of the cards will allow you to recover the money of your purchase, by using them once or twice only.

How can I use my discount card?

The cards are nominatives and non-transferable. Only the card holder and his guests (maximum 6 persons including the card holder) can enjoy the exclusive deals of the “Specials” and “Premium” cards.

The only thing you have to do is to present a valid discount card when you order a service to a company participating to the promotion. The discount will be directly deduced from the bill to pay.

To be valid, the discount card has to be signed by the holder and must have a valid serial number.

Where can I buy a Guía Direct discount card?

You can order you’re your card straight from this web site. Just fill the order form and send it by mail to: o by post to:

Guía Direct, Apdo de Correo 663, Mijas Suc 1, 29649 Mijas Costa.

Other wise you can find here a listing of the resellers.



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