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The Costa del Sol

Weather in Málaga



 With 300 sunny days a year, the Costa del Sol is the number one holiday destination in Spain and features heavenly beaches providing all kind of services, marvellous golf courses, sophisticated restaurants, modern hotel ranging from humble facilities to luxury establishments, fashionable marinas, elegant shopping boulevards, and alluring entertainment venues.

Whenever you come, whatever your favourite activity or sport, you’ll find an option that suits your interest: water sports, amusement parks, nightlife, casinos and much more.

Málaga’s food is the best fuel to regain energy after an active day. You can star with “pescaíto”, deep-fried fish,” boquerones” or sardines in a skewer on the beach bars.


Sun and Beaches

 The 161 kilometres of sandy beaches in Málaga are the best letter of introduction the province can show to locals and foreigners alike. It’s true that hinterland and cultural travel have been given a boost in the last few years, but sun and sand has been and will always be a popular holiday choice. Tourism indicators reveal a positive evolution thanks to the diversity of landscapes and the services added to the Costa del Sol offer. Read more...



 Málaga’s culinary richness is amazing. The province’s association with “pescaíto” (fish) is right, since the Costa del Sol is the best place to try fresh fish or seafood in a variety of dishes. There’s a host of restaurants in Málaga, and some have dug up the treasure of popular cuisine to visitors’ delight.

The typical tapas bars serve beer or sweet wines of the land with small dishes of traditional or innovative foods. “Picoteo” (nibbling) is a common practice among Spaniards, and it’s now common among visitors to the Costa del Sol. The nibbling tradition-“tapeo”- began in the nineteenth century, when scraps and bits of food - cheese, ham, bread - were used to cover drinks as a hygiene and safety measure. These simple drink lids (literally, “tapas” in Spanish) have evolved into original bites of intense flavours. Read more...



 The Costa del Sol is usually referred to as “Costa del Golf”. This name isn’t fanciful, if you take into account the golf-oriented surface area, facilities, hotels and professionals in Málaga Province.

Architecture, design and respect for the environment converge in the golf courses in the Costa del Sol. It’s not just a matter of fashion; they’re the guidelines marking the development of Málaga’s putting greens. In line with this, local sport clubs have taken the environment into account in the design of their facilities, protecting native tree species and restocking existing woodlands and forests, thus giving rise to magnificent nature spots. Read more...



 Bullfighting is one of the oldest expressions of Iberian culture. The Costa del Sol features bullrings full of history, bullfighting museums, and ranches settled in the region. They attest Málaga’s deeply rooted bull-loving traditions. Read more...





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