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Why this magazine?

After 10 year working on the Costa del Sol in residential tourism and hotel we’ve find out that a lot of people spending their holidays on the Costa del Sol prefer active tourism but they don’t know where to go. Therefore, the purpose of this magazine is to highlight companies offering leisure and activities and bring them to these tourists who seek a unique and original way to visit and discover Andalucia. We want to provide you a simple and economic way to attract these clients and take advantage of the real potential they represent.


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Advertise in Guía Direct


It’s well known that in any market, the most important thing for a business company is to be seen y recognized by a lot of people, that’s why they’re using many types of marketing, more or less successful but most of the time very expensive.

Everyday, new companies advertise in Guía Direct. Our success, based on a massive national and international marketing, attract on a regular basis new businesses that want to have a good positioning on the Costa del Sol. We provide to your company an inescapable presence in the tourist and residential market.

 If you decide to offer discounts, you will make your publicity more attractive and you will distinguish yourself from the competition. You’ll be able to reach a pre-selected clientele, being a part of the limited number of companies working with the option “Specials” or “Premium”.


Why advertising in Guía Direct?

1.       Guía Direct is a guide that target the tourists as well as the residents. Advertising in Guía Direct is, for a business, the possibility to increase and select its clientele.

2.       In Spain only 23% of the SMEs has its own web page, when 85% of the people are contacting the companies for the first time through internet. Guía Direct offer to the companies that don’t have any presence on internet a space on our website for them to share information about their activities and services, and reach a local, national and international clientele.

3.       Guía Diretc will exist as well in a paper and digital version, and will be distributed   for free in thousand of issues on the Costa del Sol and outside through tour-operators and travel agencies.

4.       The cost for advertising is very low.


Why offering discount?

1.       The principle of the publicity is to invest a lot of money to allow a maximum people to see your ad, knowing that only a very small percentage of them will respond positively. In other words, if a well-targeted marketing action requires that a publicity has to be seen by 1.000 persons to have 1 positive response, then the company pays 99,9% of the cost of the publicity for “nothing”. By another hand, in times of crisis a lot of companies are reducing the investments in publicity matters to decrease their spending, but that’s a mistake. It’s not time to stop investing, but time to do it on a clever way. In our case, the companies offering exclusive discounts through our guide will benefit exceptional low prices to advertise. So they will have a presence in the local and outdoor advertising landscape, and the actual cost will be the discount offered to the customer, only if he consumes.

2.       The companies offering discounts will have their advertising published on our website and guide in a special module, they will then stand out from the others.

3.       The companies offering discounts will have a major impact on the readers and will significantly increase the amount of clients.

4.       The number of companies offering discounts will be limited to guarantee the quality and the exclusive nature of the offers.


“Specials” or “Premium”

There are tow different sections for the companies that wish to offer discounts: the “Specials” and the “Premium” section.

1.       Specials: the companies participating to this section will choose the type of discount they will offer to the clients (more or less important). They will be insured to attract a maximum of clients, as the will deal with the “Specials” and “Premium” cardholders.

2.       Premium: the “Premium” section will be more selective and will target a high level clientele; the companies will have to propose exclusive discounts for the “Premium” cardholders.


To discover our conditions for advertising in "Specials", "Premium" or without offering discount, please contact us by e-mail: info.empresa@guia-direct.es or by phone: +34 661 127 655